The Information You Need About Vaginal Yeast Infections

These can occur to women of all ages. They are very common and come along with some very unpleasant symptoms. Those who have had them in the past are more likely to have a repeat infection. Many of these vaginal infections will clear up on their own without treatment if you eat the right foods.

The menstruation cycle typically causes an imbalance of the vaginal pH level. This can cause an overgrowth of yeast inside the vaginal walls. This overgrowth is what leads to a full blown yeast infection. You will see odorless fluid from the vagina, redness around the vaginal opening, and a very itchy swollen labia. These are common symptoms that women experience during this infection.

The decision to treat your infection or not is completely up to you. If you let the infection go for a few days and notice your symptoms to decrease it’s likely that you don’t need a treatment. However, if the symptoms persist getting help from a vaginal yeast infection cure such as Yeastrol is always and option.